NEGAI was sung in the epilogue of All Japan Chorus Festival in Hiroshima.?Bilingual


All Japan Chorus Festival was held from November 4 to 6 in Hiroshima. NEGAI session was at the last part of the concert. That was fantastic! This was
really a high-light of NEGAI history so far. First the main MC introduced that NEGAI was born in Hiroshima JHS and was sent to the world through JEARN
!! Next after the MCs by 2 former Ohzu JHS students, me and NEGAI founder
Mr. Yokoyama, 1000 people sang NEGAI on the stage and the back seats,
including all the audience about 4000 ~5000 people! It was overwhelming!
Especially a professional Japanese singer Kitagawa Tetsu, a professiaonal
Korean singer Kim Wonjoon, and a professional Ukrainian singers Natalia and
Katia Gudziy, showed their beautiful voices.

When present Ohzu Junior High students introduced their messages and their
lyrics, the audience gave us the biggest applause. On the Aurora visioned
screens, the video clips of OhzuJHS, of Vietname's by Ms. Bich Hong, of
Sierra Leone's by Mr. Andrew Green, of Kenyan by Mr. Gordon Nyabade, of
Iranian by  Ms. Maryam Behnoodi were shown!They were so well organized.

                                     Nov,7, 2005

                                     Suwako Nagata