The book of NEGAI has launched!

The book of NEGAI has launched!
The auther is Ms. Miwa Sumie, the chief editor of Utagoe ( the voice of songs ) Newspaper.
She interviewed us a lot on NEGAI and made a great work!
One of her friends burst into tears to read every episode and wonderful verses.
Another friend forgot to get off the train, reading it!
Of course I recommend you to read it!!!
Please spread this all over Japan so as to it will be one of the best sellers.
You can buy it from here!

The title is "NEGAI, connecting the people all over the world!"
Sub title is "Imagine born in Hiroshima!"

The price is 1,500 yen from Shin- nihon Publishing Company!
The cover is wonderful, too!

Oct 5, 2006   Suwako Nagata


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