We sang NEGAI 
in 60th Anniversary event in Korea!

 Dear NEGAI friends,
 I came back from Korea. I was really moved by the Korean Power! How powerful and friendly they are !!

  We sang NEGAI and other 4 peace songs in front of thousands of people in Kanfamun Plaza,  a big plaza temporarily made after blocking all cars on the main road. The Korean audience all listened to our songs very carefully,
happily, waving Korean flags, cheering goods and gave us  big hands showing us a warm welcome and a great hospitality and solidarity!! We will never forget their smiles!We sang NEGAI in Japanese but they understood it with its melody and some messages read by  Mr. Yokoyama , me and Ms. Nakai and her doll Kinchan( ventriloquism). Especially the graduate student's from Ohzu JHS, Ms. Hiramoto's (19yrs) speech moved a lot of people there. My student Saeko ( 15yrs)made the last message, too.

  We ( 102 people delegation from Japan)had a great solidarity with Korean people and we made sure we can cooperate each other for peace in the world. We, people are the promoters of our history. This time this event was held by Korean government. And we ordinary peopple were invited to promote the friendship and peace. Korean people cheered us a lot because we arepeace loving people.  Let's get together promoting peace further!

   I hear this event was broadcasted by KBS TV on 15th morning, but unfortunalely I have not found the article on the computer yet.
      Also I have not developed our photos yet but I found some articles concerned with this event.

      stage image

                                                                                                                                                                                         Oct 6, 2005   Suwako Nagata



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