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Kim Wonjoong Concerts had a great success in 5 cities in Japan!


A Korean singer Mr. Kim Wonjoong was invited to 5 cities ( Osaka, Kobe, Hiroshima, Saitama, Tokyo) and introduced his beautiful and strong songs including NEGAI. All concerts had a great success!

Especially on July 7, 2006 people sang NEGAI on the stage with Mr. Kim in Saitama. Ms. Koyama's original NEGAI verse was chosen and sung. Her verse is as follows.




A magpie bird, flying in the sky

With its wings, cover the past histories

We are all living things born on the same earth

Let's unite as one, crying and smiling



(Koyama Mariko Saitama City July 7, 2006)

[A magpie is called a lucky bird in Korea.]