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Youth Summit Started   ユースサミット始まる

Youth Summit started at Awaji Yume Butai International Conference Center on July 21.  117 students from about 20 countries join it in order to “be together” as one.


淡路夢舞台国際会議場で21日、ユースサミットが始まった。世界約20ケ国から117人の子供達が「共生 Be Together」をテーマとして4泊5日の共同生活を行う。

After attending the opening ceremony, they join the game called “Ice break” and introduce themselves to their new friends.

   Ms. Miyamoto, a junior student of Kansei-Gakuin Univ. , says “although we have made huge efforts, participants’ smiles make us refresh.  We are very excited.”  During the summit, not only students’ presentations but also intercultural communication with Awaji people are scheduled, and Mr. Miyamoto and other staff are doing their best to success them.







Today’s schedule



10:00 am  Meet at Room 301. 

Move to Iwaya Junior High School

   5 min walk


10:00 am  301号室に集合

岩屋中学校に移動  徒歩5

Making bamboo Chopsticks, cooking rice in bamboo and making rice balls.

Discussion on language and food











Staff members

Toshio Takashima, Ueno Hiroshi, Yasushi Miyazaki, Rie Yoshidomi, Seki Kohei, Norio Sugimoto,

Yuka Konoha  

 Coming From the WorldMeeting At Awaji

浄瑠璃に強い印象を受けたというOmar Moslimari Abdrubon君(エジプト)、「言葉は分からないところはあったけど、人間性は世界共通ですよね」と開会式の様子を振り返ってくれました。ユース・サミット中には3ヶ月かけて準備した発表も、今日の浄瑠璃の力強さをそのままに発表も頑張ってください。

Mr. Omar Moslimari Abdrubon ( Egypt ) was impressed by Joruri at the opening ceremony.  “Our humanity is universal” said he, “so that we could feel the great power from the play although we couldn’t understand the language.”  He is expected to have a presentation during the youth summit and it must be as powerful as the Joruri play.

 驚いたことは蒸し暑い気候だと、日本での第一印象を語ってくれたのはフィンランドで教師をされているInkeri Kukusjarviさん。母国と日本の学校をE-mailでつなぐプロジェクト、「生徒同士、助け合いながら、言葉の壁も乗り越えているようです」。フィンランドと世界の架け橋としてこの国際会議に参加してくれました。

Ms. Inkeri Kukusjarvi ( Finland ) was astonished by hot and humid weather of Japan .  In her school, she has been promoting an e-mail project that links Finish and Japanese students.  “The students seem to overcome language barriers by helping each other.” She participates in the conference as a bridge between Finland and the world.




Ayu TakinoJapan, a participant from Akashi city, is positively motivated to meet new people and join various activities.  For her “colorful” future, she hopes to communicate with people from different counties and know their cultures.