Teleclass Conference #51

HIRATSUKA -HAWAII Deaf Students Conference

Shonan home Journal on Jan. 1st,1999

Tokyo Newspaper Dec.24,1998

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(Outline , Program,Summary)



The 51 th Teleclass International Conference

Name of the Project: 51th TELECLASS CONFERENCE

Hawaii & Hiratsuka


December 16th (Wed.) in Hawaii

December 17th (Thr.)in Japan


Hiratsuka in Japan: 10:30 A.M.-12:00 noon

Hawaii: 3:30 P.M.- 5:00 P.M

Place: Japan: Kanagawa Prefectural Hiratsuka Deaf School

Conference room

Hawaii: Kuwili Technology Center

Schools for the conference:

Japan: Kanagawa Prefectural Hiratsuka Deaf School

contact:Mr.Chiba ; tel 81-463-32-0129, fax 81-463-32-1646


Gallaudet University Regional Center at Kapiolani Community College ; Contact: Nancy Bridenbaugh

tel 1-808-734-9210, Fax 1-808-734-9238

School of DOE :Hawaii Center for the Deaf and the Blind

tel:808-733-4999, fax:808-733-4824

Sponsored by:

Teleclass International Japan

Foundation for Multi Media Communications

Cosponsored by: NTT Hiratsuka

Endorsed by: Ministry of Education

Ministry of Foreign Affairs

Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications

Kokusai Denshin Denwa Co., Ltd.

Cooperated with: BBCC Education System MINE

(Broadband-network Business chance & Culture Creation Education System Multimedia Interactive Network for Education)

Usage of the ISDN Video conference system

ISDN equipment/numbers:

Hiratsuka in Japan: PhoenixMini

Contact person; Mr.Matsumoto, Mr. Tajika

Hawaii Kuwili Technology Center: Picture tel Concorde 4500

6 lines available - need not use all. Contact:DebraFowler

Room tel. numbers: Kuwili Technology Center :

tel (808)521-7422, fax (808)521−1110

Date and time for testing:

Dec.15 3:00pm-4:00 Hawaii, Dec.16 10:00am-11:00 Japan

Hiratsuka in Japan: ISDN number

Kuwili Technology Center:ISDN number 808 566 0285

Theme: "Touch the World, Touch the Future"

Sub theme:

"International Communication Through Sign Languages"


Time schedule :

H...Hiratsuka , G…Gallaudet, J...Japanese, E...English,

JSL...Japanese Sign Language, ASL... American Sign Language,

T...Translator :Kyoko Akagi (TIJ)

00:00 Opening

H: Greeting from Ms Oshio , Principal

J (- JSL)- T:E - ASL

G: Greeting from Ms Nancy Bridenbaugh,

Director of Gallaudet Regional Center

E(-ASL ) - T:J - JSL


00:05 Program 1: Self Introduction with Name Cards

H: Name JSL - T:E - ASL 8 students from the student council

Introduce name, grade, and managerial position

in the student council


G: Name ASL - T:J - JSL 5 students

00:15 Program 2 :Introduction of Schools

H: Picture (Japan/Hiratsuka city/Star Festival / School)

..explain with JSL - T:E - ASL

G: ..explain with ASL - E - T:J - JSL

00:20 Program 3: Introduction of school activities

H: Show Pictures and works (Club activities)

..explain JSL-J-T:E-ASL

  Name of the club members activities

G: Explain ASL-E-T:J-JSL


00:35 Program 4 : Guessing Game 1 (5 words each)

Hiratsuka students express a word with sign language, and Hawaii students guess what it means, and vice versa. Give a hint on a sheet of paper Choose the answer from sheet 1,2,3,


"COLOR" written on a sheet

"The answer is name of the color"

H: JSL(student) - possible color name on each1,2,3 sheet - ASL (students choose one of them and answer) - E -T:J -JSL(teacher) -JSL(student shows the correct answer with a picture.) repeat 5 times

Categoly:Animal, Fruit, Color, Vehicle, Food

"******" written on a sheet"The answer is name of the ****"

G: ASL(student)-possible **** name on each 1,2,3 sheet -

JSL (students choose one of them and answer) - J - T:E- ASL(teacher)-ASL(student shows the correct answer.)

Categoly: Family, Animal, Food

00:45 Program 5Guessing Game 2

1 sentences each, each sentence is very simple one. The same way as Program 4.

[ example]

" GREETING"written on a sheet

"The answer is a sentence of greeting."

H: JSL(student)-possible greeting sentence on each 1,2,3 sheet-ASL (students choose one of them and answer) - E- T:J -JSL(teacher)- JSL (student shows the correct answer.)

"*********" written on a sheet

"The answer is a sentence of *******"

G: ASL(student)- possible *****answer on each 1,2,3 sheet -JSL (students choose one of them and answer)- J - T:E -ASL(teacher) - ASL(student shows the correct answer.)

Free Talk


01:05 Program 6 : Attractions

H: Show the Video tapes or pictures of Drum Corps playing on the ceremony of The 53rd National Athletic Meet in Kanagawa

G: Show Hula Dance and explain the meaning of it.

01:20 Closing

H: Greeting by a student JSL - J - T:E - ASL


01:25 Good-bye

01:30 End  


MC: Hiratsuka: Ms.Kyoko at TIJ

Hawaii: Ms.Nancy at Kapiolani

System Operation

Hiratsuka:Mr.Matsumoto NTT

Hawaii: Ms. Debra


[Greetings from Principals ]

Ms.Oshio Principal of Hiratsuka Deaf School

Hello! I am Ms. Oshio, the school principal.

We are very happy to have this opportunity today.

It is amazing to meet and talk with you in Oahu Island Hawaii

which is very far away from Japan.

Thank you for your participation.

Let's enjoy this video conference!

Ms. Nancy Bridenbaugh

Director of Gallaudet Regional Center

Aloha, from the beautiful island of Oahu, Hawaii.

I would like to welcome you on behalf of Gallaudet University Regional Center at Kapiolani Community College and the Hawaii Center for the Deaf and the Blind.

We are all excited to share this special exchange of cultures with you.

Thank you for inviting us to participate.

[Comment From TIJ]

I think this conference was successful.

It was very interactive one.

We didn't have the time of free talk on our schedule, so I didn't ask both students if they had questions or not. But they asked some questions actively and taught their own sign language each other.

I hope both schools continue this kind of exchange.

I'll write comments again with the results of both schools' questionnairs and comments , after I got them .


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