2003iEARN Conference

Important Notice

Hope your safe trip back                                August 4, 2003

Dear iEARN friends,

We hope you have had a safe trip back and settled down at your home
and school.

We just want to express our sincere appreciation to all of you who completed
such a wonderful conference  !
It will last forever in JEARN.  Thank you so much.

Please visit 2003 Home page both at http://2003japan.jp/
and http://2003japan.jp/eng/index.html.
It has a full of memory on, thanks of work by Kazuko and her team.
Look at those photos and enjoy the video.
Write your comments at JEARN Cafe.

We will answer your individual requests and questions
which have sent by e-mail one by one.  Our reply may be
slow, but please be patient.

Please remember one small seed of iEARN in your hand which
we shared at the closing  ceremony. Water it to make a grow
or to make more grow under whatever the environment is.
We promise too to grow this precious seed you gave us, and bring
its fruits to next conference site 2004, organized jointly by
iEARN Czech Republic and iEARN Slovakia.

                                                    With love,  JEARN staff and Yoko

Please give us your comments                             July 29, 2003

Dear Friends,

Thank you for coming to Yumebutai iEARN Conference in Awaji.
I hope you are safely coming back home now.
I learned a lot of really important things .

Now in Kobe city near Awaji Island
the flower of the summer has bloomed color vividly.
Even the bridge of dream to the world you can call strait
Akashi Kaikyo Bridge which connects Kobe and Awaji, probably will be.
Facing toward worldwide peace, we will use the bridge of dream!

Please give us your comments

Japanese BBS

*How to translate
First, you open the Web translation page of an excitement.
Please use below sites:

If it pastes and a "web page translation" button is clicked.
The page translated the whole page is displayed.  

I'm looking for your voice.

Warmly regards,
JEARN Cordinator

2003 Conference Daily reports!!

July 27, 2003

Dear Friends

2003 IEARN International Conference " Dream Festival for teachers
and students from the world" is successfully closed.
Thank you very much for your support.

Daily reports are already on web site done 
They are here at the moment:

2003Conference Web-site

2003iEARN Conference News Digest (Daily)

Ai Junior High School Conference News!!
http://www2.jearn.jp/fs/385/ai2003/   (you can enjoy pictures )

“Our Wish” KOTO-version


Warmly regards,


Welcome to Japan !

July 16, 2003

Hi Everyone,

You may be busily preparing or already heading for Japan.
Here are list of things which I want to ask you to bring with you or to keep your attention.

* Matoryoshuka
 I do not know how to spell it, but you remember the doll handed
   in to Youth of each country at the closing ceremony last year Moscow.
   Please bring it with you, putting your own traditional painted clothes on
   as Victor asked you.

*  I would rather say you are not the guests, each of you is
    an important key person for us to make an active, exciting, heartfelt,
fruitful iEARN Conference
    on AWAJI space and time prepared by JEARN staff and volunteers.

*  Japan has been taken as one of the economically successful countries, but
     our everyday life cost is expensive, and not easy to handle.
     Most of our staff work doing their job daily to make their living,
     and gather Friday nights or Sunday mornings to prepare this conference.
     They are voluntary organizers to make necessary basements of the 
   conference and organize volunteers applied for our open request.

*  It is JEARN's first experience to visit companies to raise fund, hard ever,
    and got reasonable fund so far at the base of SANDA where big rental costs
    were offered and lodging cost was low. But  the last minute change to AWAJI
     pushes us to the critically financial problem even we have some Hyogo   Prefectural
     support . Please understand apparently not even conditions seen among
     regarding lodging situation, the change shortens iEARN social time at night too.
    We hope you accept this limited environment with your generous mind,
  and yet you enjoy transforming it into rich and united iEARN Conference using   your charm and humor.

*  Even though WHO does not list any areas of SARS recently, this conference
     should not to be affected by any viruses, and further more we want all
     to spend this week in a healthy condition each other. We as the host, would
     like to ask the following notice mailed yesterday by Mr. Aranishi, a
   chief of Health team,

1.      Please be sure to submit the medical questionnaire every day.
2.      Please take your temperature daily with the thermometer
          provided for you.
3.      Be sure to wash your hands before every meal.
4.      If you are feeling something wrong, please don't hesitate to ask a staff
          member or visit the conference health center.

*   In addition, it is you who are responsible to your body.
     Take your medical pills or tablets of your daily use.

* Travel Insurance Card
    In case of any unexpected heath problems or accident , please keep your
    Travel  Insurance Card with you.

*  Weather:  now still in a rainy season.  We hope it will be over next early
     week and be in summer.  Right now the temperature is around 25 - 30 degrees
     centigrade outside.  Most of the buildings you are staying is air-conditioned.

*  Electric power in Japan is AC100 V.  The plugs are two flat (not round)
     More information, please ask Mr. Yabuuchi, the chief of ICT team:

*  Meals: Japan is known as the country enjoying life longevity eating
healthy food.
     Vegetable centered meals. We are trying to answer your special food requests
     as well.

*  AWAJI Island is surrounded by Seto Inland Sea and some beautiful beaches
    you can enjoy swimming before and after the conference. More information about
    AWAJI Island, visit  http://2003japan.jp/eng/  and click left  "Visit Japan" at

* The most important of all is Conference itself. Please visit :

   There are full of information daily updated by Kazuko's endless effort.
    Please visit newly on "Schedule " July 17th and get your necessary i information.

* Lastly, REGISTRATION for the conference is 21st Monday morning at AWAJI
Yume Butai.
    All of us are waiting for your arrival there.  After your registration
  and lunch,
    Opening Ceremony of iEARN Conference starts at 13:00.  Be there with
  your big smile !!

                         JEARN Executive Director Yoko Takagi

NOTICE for your health

July 15, 2003


Dear Participants,

Here is important NOTICE for your health from Mr.Aranishi,
a chief of health care, JEARN.
Please read it carefully and keep your good condition in Japan.

[  N O T I C E ]

To all participants of the 2003 iEARN international conference!

  Welcome to Japan!! We would like to express our sincere welcome
to you on the occasion of this conference.

   As we have already informed you, the conference site was changed
due to SARS.  Fortunately, there have been no outbreaks of SARS here
in Japan.  Also WHO(World  Health Organization) has already declared
the conclusion of the SARS epidemic.

   Nonetheless, we have worked out a program to monitor the daily
health conditions of all participants.   In order to continue
precautions against SARS, we would like to ask the following of you.
Thank you in advance for your cooperation and understanding.

1.      Please be sure to submit the medical questionnaire every day.

2.      Please take your temperature daily with the thermometer
      provided for you.

3.      Be sure to wash your hands before every meal.

4.      If you are feeling poorly, please don't hesitate to ask a staff
      member or visit the conference health center.

   We hope for a successful and meaningful 2003 iEARN conference,
and that each participant will make many wonderful memories.

                          JEARN Executive Director Yoko Takagi


Schedule of 2003 iEARN International Conference

July 7, 2003


To Presentation Presenters

Look here, please

To Poster Session Presenters

Look here, please


July 6, 2003

Dear Participants,

With the support of the Conferece Commitee members and volunteer members,
we are sending our information from Hyogo to the world. Our Awaji Conference Homepage is trying to unite people with people, from heart to heart, functioning with multi-media.


Please look at these webpages and if you have any comment, please inform us
about your ideas and opinions.

We'd like to introduce you this webpage " Our Wish"2003 Conference
Theme Song.


Mr. Vincent Chang organized Taiwanese students who cannot come to Japan
unfortunately, but   sang this song in Chinese with the wish for peace and for Awaji Conference. We can see individual student's face clearly and can feel everyone's sincere wish.
We woud like to see them through the Video Conference between Awaji and
Taiwan, and want to thank them.

 Please pay attention to this " Our Wish" project with 12 language
versions so far.

Best regards,
Kazuko Okamoto ( Public Relations Department)

"How you get to AWAJI Yume Butai (AYB)"

June 29, 2003

Dear Participants,

Have you Registered ? Paid ? Reconfirmed ?  Got Visa ?
Got Participation Confirmation from us ?

We are going to tell you "How you get to AWAJI Yume Butai (AYB)"

From Kansai Int'l Airport (KIX)

* When you arrive, there is a special room for you to rest.
   After you show us your "Participation Confirmation",
   you will  take  a free shuttle bus of YOUR HOTEL
    (Washington Hotel or ones near the airport)

* There is JEARN BUS on July 21st Monday Japan time
    from Washington Hotel to AYB.

* The BUS takes you to the conference site for your registration
9:00 - 12:00 in the morning and at 13:00 opening ceremony.
It will take about 90 minutes to two hours from Washington Hotel to
the conference site by the bus.

From Narita International Airport, Tokyo.

* There are two ways:

1. Fly to Osaka Int'l Airport in Itami city, we will take you to the hotels
in Sannomiya area.
    On 21st morning, there is a bus to take you to AYB on time.

2. Go to JR Tokyo station and take Shinkansen Train to Shin Kobe, we will
take you to the hotels in
     Sannomiya area.   On 21st morning, there is a bus to take you to AYB on time.

The access map at Venue,
  will help you where you are.

Hotels you are staying are mostly in AWAJI Inland.  Hotel matching will be
done in the first
week of July with your reconfirmations. Please send us your reconfirmation
as soon as possible.

 Sincerely yours,  Yoko Takagi

                         JEARN Executive Director Yoko Takagi

An important information - 2

June 21, 2003

Dear participants of 2003 iEARN Internatinal Conference
and Youth Summit from "abroad",

Thank  you for your registration for the 2003 iEARN International Conference
and Youth Summit in Japan.

We have to announce you that the Conference and Youth Summit's
Site,  Schedule and Program are changed  because of Sanda city's
official statement on 12th of June. Either postpone or cancellation in
Sanda city.

Since last month, we had been trying hard to hold this event in Sanda
under the strict conditions in order to overcome  SARS problem,
but the miracle didn't happen. Since we see no possibility of postpone,
we had to find some other site instead.

Fortunately, we found an alternative site in the Province near Kobe
that can accommodate the conference and residence requirements
around the conference site with Hyogo Prefectural cooperation.

The new site is Awaji Yumebutai International Conference Center
(http://www.yumebutai.org/conf_e/index.html) in Hyogo prefecture.
with this schedule below.

DATE: July 20- July 26

20th  Arrive and rest at a hotel
21th  Registration and Opening Ceremony
22nd  full day for Presentation, Work Shop,  Poster Session etc
23rd full day for Presentation, Work Shop,  Poster Session etc
24th  full day for Presentation, Work Shop,  Poster Session etc
25th  Closing Ceremony and last night
26th  Check out and optional tour

The local event on 23rd and Home stay program are cancelled.
We will assist those of scholarship participants' 26th night payment
if you have already got the airplane ticket leaving on 27th
besides you had applied to "26 night home stay program" before.

Those who want to make an optional tour, it is possible on 26th.
You can even start 25th after the closing ceremony
"one and half day trip" to Awaji, Hiroshima, Kyoto, Nara, Osaka etc.

There is no formal Big Dinner this year, but four dinners are
at Westin Awaji Island Hotel next to the conference site:

Since the conference center was designed by Tadao Ando, an
architecture, there are lots of lovely walls, spaces, and spots
where your creative power will be stimulated.

As we informed before, SARS drops us heavy burdens and restrictions.
It is tremendous work to change iEARN Conference site and all residence
just one month before. Everything is delayed and often cause your frustration.
Everything is higher cost than Sanda and we need to find more financial aids.
We are going to explain our SARS policy soon.
Under this circumstance, we thank you for your patience and
collaboration to make iEARN Conference together.

More information will be ready very soon.
We will reconfirm each of your attendance and make contact you by mail.
Regarding VISA process, if you have got already VISA, you can use it
without any changes.

We are very very sorry to the same iEARN friends
who have to stay at their countries because of SARS.
We really hope your countries will be off out of the list of WHO quickly as


Awaji is a largest island in Japan near Kobe surrounded Seto Uchi Sea,
suspended by
pure long white bridge. "Yume" is dream, "Butai " is theater stage in Japanese.

We will focus on every  detail with all our time and energy to welcome you at
this new stage.                                          from All Japan staff

SARS and its affects to iEARN Conference

An important information - 1

June 12, 2003

This is Yoko, iEARN-Japan.

 I regret to say that we sent the following mail as titled "An important
Information "to all registers of the iEARN Annual Conference, and will keep informing you some changes in new directions caused by SARS and its influence

  We apology our delay of works to answer individual requests from participants and country coordinators. 

 Today we will reach the final decision.

.  We will catch up our delayed works with our full staff and effort. Thank you for your patience. Please keep your eyes on to the conference.
Best regards,

                       JEARN Executive Director Yoko Takagi


Dear iEARN Friends,

  We know that you are busily preparing to come to Japan for the iEARN
  Conference.  We are very eager to meet each of you in July.  We are
  very sorry that we have not responded to your questions promptly,
particularly in the last several days.

  Please listen, dear friends, this is a very important announcement
  from us, the host of iEARN Conference this year.

  As all of us know, we are facing the fear of SARS and suffering its
  effect in various ways all around the world.

  In Japan, there was news that one traveler from abroad, who was
  affected by SARS, traveled in the part of Japan where the conference
  will be held.  Although not even one person was infected in Japan,
  this incident resulted in significant fear among the population.
  More than two thousand people had health checks, a few hundred people
  were isolated for 10 days, and uncountable shops and hotels suffered
 from severe economical damages as people were afraid to visit this

  This became a big issue in Japan, particularly in this region.
  Because of this incident, there have been requests from local
  citizens to the Sanda city government to postpone or cancel the
  conference.  As has been shown in the case of Toronto,  it is clear
  that SARS is not necessarily a type of epidemic disease to come to a
  complete stop, JEARN,  the Sanda city government, Kwansei Gakuin
  university and the Hyogo prefectural government have continued
  negotiation in order to hold the conference in a safe and secure
  environment and manner.

  In conversations with local Sanda and Prefectural officials, we have
  identified the following three options that we are exploring.
  1. Option 1: To respect local Japanese concerns, we hold the
  conference under the condition that:
       * No participants from any countries which are on the list of  A,
    B, C regions as
         designated by the World Health Organization (WHO)
      * No participants who come to Japan will travel via  any airports in the
         listed A, B, C countries
      * While in Japan, participants will follow practices to build an
   awareness and alertness for a SARS outbreak among participants.

  2. Option 2:  We find an alternative site in the Province outside of
  Sanda that can accommodate the conference and residence requirements.

  3. (Worst case scenario): the  iEARN Conference will be cancelled if:
       * Japan is on the list of World Health Organziation (WHO) because
    an unlikely outbreak of SARS in Japan.
      * Hyogo Anti-SARS Office is set up and asks us to cancel due to
    local fear and concern
       * iEARN Conference Organizer Committee decides to cancel.

  As for the A,B,C countries staying in their own countries because of
 SARS reasons:   We will maintain close communication and share
  presentations and events during the conference week through video
  conferencing linked between those countries and the conference site.

  We are very sorry to announce these strict conditions which are so
  different from what we first planned, and which are so different from
  previous years in which iEARN welcomed everyone who wanted to come
  with hugs. Please understand this difficult situation for us as
  conference hosts.  We have suffered through many, many meetings, as
  well as headaches, stomach-aches, tears, and anger toward the
  unexpected SARS outbreak. We sincerely hope that all of iEARN members
  understand the conditions. Although the numbers of staff are limited,
  we also will do our very best.  We know that the conditions are not
  fit the iEARN policy. However, we are working to identify the minimum
  limitations to at least be able to hold the iEARN Conference in
  Japan.  We need your full support to hold the conference in Japan by
  overcoming this unexpected problem of SARS.

  Sincerely yours,  Yoko Takagi

  JEARN Executive Director Yoko Takagi

VISA information

June 12, 2003

Dear iEARN Friends,

We know that you've been  busily preparing to come to Japan for the iEARN
Conference.   We are very sorry for our delay of our action so far.
Fortunately, We has resumed the arrangement of VISA application process.
Thank you for your patience and understanding!

In order to make VISA application smooth, first, please contact the Japanese
Embassy in your country and ask what kind of documents you need, and
let us know. We'll arrange it  immediately.
Please make sure your payment of registration has completed.

When you contact us, please write your name with your registration ID.

CONTACT: Register_e@2003japan.jp

Again, We apologize for such late information.


Information on Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome (SARS)

May 26, 2003

URL: http://2003japan.jp/sars/sars030526_e.htm

We,  iEARN-Japan (JEARN) has been preparing for "2003 iEARN Conference in Japan" .  Towards SARS, we are collecting newest information from WHO, the Ministry of Health, Labor and Welfare, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
and the Government of Hyogo Prefecture, and making important measures to meet the SARS situation.
Through last SARS Meeting by operating committee members, JEARN Board of Directors, continuos discussion among Sanda city, Kwansei Gakuin University and JEARN, we will have a final top meeting today with Mayor of Sanda city, the
President of Kwansei Gakuin University, the Representative of Hyogo Prefecture, Dr. Akabori as JEARN Conference Director and iEARN-Japan country coordinator, myself.
Taking the safety as the top priority for iEARN participants and Sanda citizens, we are trying to find the best solutions and open them to you all. .We need your understanding and cooperation. Thank you.

                                                               JEARN Executive Director Yoko Takagi

Presentation registration deadline May 14, 2003

May 05, 2003

Dear Friends,

This is Kazuko, JEARN.

 We will change the presentation registration dealine on May 14, 2003. The result of the adoption or rejection of an application report that were sent by April 30 will be e-mailed by May 6, 2003.
 Please check your names and presentation titles are on the page, if your names and titles aren't found on this page, even you submitted, please tell us.
To Presenters who sent us after May 1
The result of the adoption or rejection of an application report will be sent to you as soon as possible. If your presentation is adopted, please send us the abstract immediately. If you have any questions, please tell us! 

Mail to :program@2003japan.jp

Welcome! Kazuko

Hotels are going to full soon.

May 03, 2003

Dear Friends,

This is Yoko, JEARN.

[Important Announcement] Hotels are going to full soon.

At the beginning, we reserved most of the hotels and company training centers
in Sanda city for teachers gathering.

Now your registration numbers have been increasing and going to
reach the full numbers soon.  We have about 50 single rooms left.

I would like to recommend you to hurry up
your registrations and payments.  Thank you.  Yoko


Approximately 80 more days

April 30, 2003

Dear Friends,

In approximately 80 more days, all of you will be at SANDA with us to open
the 10th iEARN Annual Conference. The top page of our web site
http://2003japan.jp/eng/ always shows how many days are left until the day
of the conference. It is a constant reminder to us of how much we must do
with such limited time and manpower. However, it also tells us how many
more days we must wait before we will be able to joyously meet you all.

The number of registrations has been increasing daily. As of 20 April over
650 people had registered from 49 countries. We are sorry to say that the
Youth Summit registration was closed due to having accepted more than our
capacity. This may cause disappointment in iEARN but we respect the
decision made by Youth Summit Japan after hours and hours of discussions.
They are doing their best, I assure you, to welcome such a large number of
Youth Summit delegates at the Sengari Camp site. Please understand.

The theme for this year is "At the Crossroads: Finding Future Milestones."
In view of today's world situations, it is high time that we gather to seek
ways to have through education "a better world for everyone against
war,viruses, disasters caused by humans and nature". We need milestones to
head for during the five to ten years ahead. Having a strong mission and a
vision for the future through practical milestones, children and youth
connecting with each other will be able to make a huge difference in our
world as they strive to make it better than it is today.

We are trying to make the 10th iEARN Conference as comfortable an
environment as possible with technology, with an interesting new item
pertaining to economy named "ECOMONEY", and with characteristics of the
Japanese culture and of humanity as a whole. And, remember, it is up to YOU
to participate not as guests but as the main individuals who will make the
conference as fruitful as possible. Being together and working together at
SANDA Japan, we will soon experience the most exciting Teachers Gathering
and Youth Summit on our planet.

Welcome! Yoko


Japan will be in a short vacation.

April 28, 2003

Dear Friends,

This is a quick notice from Yoko, JEARN.

 From 29th April Friday to May 5th Monday,
we, Japanese are in a short vacation period.

April 29th as Green Day (national holiday)
May 3rd as Constitution Day (national holiday)
May 5th as Children' Day (national holiday)

All companies and offices are closed.
Please understand that our reply to your questions may be
a bit delayed. We will catch up very soon.    Yoko



 Golden Week!!

April 25, 2003

Dear All,

Greetings from iearn-japan.
Now, we are on holiday, so called "Golden Week".
We'll be back to the office on 6th of May!!
Sorry for this inconvenience.



 Cherry Blossom in Japan !

April 17, 2003

Hi This is Yoko.

Have you visited http://2003japan.jp/eng/ recently ?

Kazuko switched the top page photo to full bloom of cherry blossom,
the symbol of spring. In May and June, flowers everywhere to please
our eyes. In late June and early July, rainy seasons. Rain and rain
everyday. When we look up the blue sky again, the bright summer is
right there. That is the time we have you at iEARN Conference, SANDA !

If you want to make a trip before or after the conference,
please write us to : register_e@2003japan.jp
A travel agency we introduce will assist you of your comfortable trip.


ID and Password 

April 16, 2003

Hi Friends

We accept quite a lot of registration for the conference.
We also have questions that some people don't receive ID and Password for the conference.

The ID and Password are issued through automatic response system.
So if you register you will receive the ID and Password immediately.
If you don't receive ID and password after registration
please let us know immediately by sending e-mail to

Hope to see you in Sanda.

Yoshie Naya

・Conference information and goods 

・Translate the Japanese web site of 2003 Conference into English.

April 15, 2003

Dear Friends,

Get the conference information and goods from here.

Please download 2003 Conference data and have a look slowly! And please participate by all means!


How to translate the Japanese web site of 2003 Conference into English. here

Let the weather page of Yahoo! be an example!

Hope to see you in  Summer Sanda.


About One-night Homestay Program for iEARN International Conference

Apr 14, ,2003 

Dear iEARN Members,
Hello. My name is Takako Futatsugi. I'm in charge of the homestay program
for iEARN International Conference in Japan.
We must regretfully stop accepting applicants for our
homestay program. Initially, we had enough host families
up to accomodate 100 overseas visitors. However, we now
have about 170 applicants including those on the waiting list.
We apologize for the inconvenience.


 Information of delegates and program

Apr 13, ,2003 

・List of delegates is open. (April 11 )

・Tentative program

・Circular 1 (pdf)

・List of Friendship partners renewal (April 8 )


Only 10 Double Rooms

March 14, 2003

Hi everyone

We are sorry to announce that we have only 10 double rooms left.
So anyone who wants to stay in double room need to register immediately.
After the rooms are occupied we can offer you single bed room only.

In Japan single room means one bed room.
So only one person can stay there.

For registration visit the site bellow:

Yoshie Naya



YouthSummit homepage

March 1, 2003

Hello everyone!
This is Mariko and a Japanese member of Youth Summit
in Japan next July.

Please look at this Youth Summit 2003 homepage
that we updated today!

I hope to hear from you soon!!
Please let me know about your feeling!!

See ya!


Registration soon

January 24, 2003

Hi Everyone
We will open the regstration site soon.
Just wait for a while.

Thank you for your patience

Hope to see you in Sanda.

Yoshie Naya


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