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2002/07/21-07/25 iEARN International Conference " Dream Festival for teachers and students from the world" is successfully closed.

This yearfs conference site is g Awaji Yume Butaih located in Awaji island in Hyogo prefecture, and h Yumeh means a dream, gButaih means a theater, therefore, this site is the best for exchanging our ideas and dreams. We talked each other, and share our hopes and educational problems for sustainable cooperation of world wide schools as shown in the conference theme gAt the Crossroads: Finding Future Milestonesh.



Heart Warming Net Day in Ai Elementary School


Thank you for your cooperation to Net Day with love and hope.
" Net Day Relay in Sanda has started with a great help of Sanda City. We are aiming for the connection of all municipal elementary and junior high schools. Finished linking school passes the baton to the next school,like a relay race. 

6minutes i5.6Mbytej


Opening Ceremony of Sanda Office for the Conference 2003


You can look at the relay broadcasting
at the streaming site.

3hours 13 minutesi43.5Mbytej


A report of Moscow Conference


We edited many recorded videos into one site. You can see them in a wide size with Russian folk songs.

8minutes 45 secondsi23Mbytej


Welcome to Japan


This is a video of the presentation called "Welcome to Japan" performed in the closing ceremony on the last day of Moscow Conference. Look at the states of  Sanda City, the venue, and how we are preparing.