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"Net day" at Takahira elementary school – a relay connected with teachers in Australia.

"Net day" was held at the Takahira elementary school on February 2.  It was volunteer activity to provide the Internet access from each class room by cable.  Including children and their parents, about 400 people in and out of the city participated in this event.  

Some seniors cooked “ZouniE special soup with rice cake, using local glutinous rice and vegetables and served it to staff who shed their sweat on wiring work.  The event was held in the warm atmosphere of farming area.

The Takahira elementary school was the second following the Ai elementary school last October in the city. 

Governor Ido and Mayor Okada visited there for encouragement.  They pulled the cable at the ceiling of a classroom with fathers.  Kids checked whether it wired correctly by using special equipment, too.  EI was) able to talk to grown-ups a lot through this work,Esome kids said gladly. 

"In the opening ceremony of wiring, the image of live broadcast reached the gymnasium from high school teachers in Australia.  Children sang in chorus as a gift across the sea.  "I want to make our school more pleasant by connecting with local communities and the world,Ethe principal Ogura said.

Photo and Reported by Mr. Ishizaki 

Translated by Ms Kumiko Arikawa