JEARN (ジェイアーン)

2003 iEARN Conference in Hyogo, Japan

NEGAI Connection Plan

 Thank you very much for your cooperation on ”Our Wish Project" at 2003 IEARN Conference. I was in charge of " Our Wish" Project, 2003 Theme song singing in  multi languages. We have collected more than 25 language translations. And
 actually we sang "Our Wish" in Japanese, English, Finnish, Chinese, Spanish,  Russian, Farsi, Hindi, Swahili, Slovenian, Arabic on 24th and 25th. 

It was a  great experience and opportunity to build up friendship, love, brotherhood, solidarity and so on. We would like to promote this project further more  from now on too. We named it " NEGAI(Our wish in
English) Connection" The  purpose is to promote " Our Wish" idea includin the song and any idea  connected with it. At the same time we would like to spread our wish friends  all over the world continuing our friendship too.


1) The keywords of this project are " World"" Peace" "Bridge" " Dream" "Globe"

2) We would like you to make the 5th verse of " Our Wish" according to your wish or your students's wish for peace.
    We will collect all the vesrses and edit them into the longest song in the world!
   Click  here!

3) We would like to spread this song more countries and want them totranslate  more languages.
   ( We will challenge another GUINNESS record as the song translated into the most languags!!)

4) We would like to ask some agencies to cooperate with funding for IEARN.
5) We would like to hold an international" NEGAI Concert" next August, if
possible in Hiroshima.

Why won't you join this new project? More and more schools and people are
joining now!
If you want to join, please contact here.   Cordinator : Suwako Nagata

 We wish this link to be bigger and to spread this worldwide dream.

                                                                                                Sept 7, 2003 Suwako Ngata

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