JEARN (ジェイアーン)


Let me introduce my song "
SEKAI"(  World). Let me call it an elementary school version of "NEGAI"

Yamaguchi Saburo 20031114

"Let's study about the atomic bomb dropped in Hiroshima" page

Osaka Kishiwada Municipal Elementary school.
Setsuo Adachi  20031120

"NEGAI symbol clay doll"

His friend created this doll and he showed how to make it. If you are
interested, please make ones. They are  so cute! Look here!   Suwako Nagata  2 0031120

"Mobile phone Strap"

Junior High School Students are making mobile phone straps hinted by making "Misanga" taught in homemaking class.
Is "Kumihimo" (braided cords) original only in Japan? They are introducing how to make it.

E-chan's MIDI music, Chanson version is heard with a jaunty rhythm on the background.   Kazuko  20031122 


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