"NEGAI"MIDI Concert♪

We would like to introduce  wonderful variations of  NEGAI by E-chan( Mr.Kazumasa
Saito) He made a lot of MIDI versions like a music box version, Rock version, orchestra version, Japanese folksong version, Latin version ,
Folksong version and so on.    
Look at this site and enjoy the melodies.                                                      

Mar 5. 2004          

Orchestra version

40.0 KB   4:19 

Piano Solo 15.2KB   4.44  

MIDI data♪♪♪

Music Box version 2.09KB   0.52 16 Beats version 47.2KB   4:15 

MIDI data♪♪♪

Japanese Fork version 48.7KB   4:12 Rock version 56.2 KB   4:15
Waltz version 52.0 KB    4:46 Latin version 71.0 KB   3:22
Tango version 60.0 KB       3:27

NEGAI symbol clay doll!           

Chanson version 71.0 KB   4:26

Yumisan Version

24.0KB   4:48               Folksong version   24.9 KB   3:17


I thank Mr. Saito for sending his wonderful arrangements. 


From this website you will reach here. 

Anyway this is a wonderful work!

Dear all, Please listen!

With these firm MIDI data, you can hold a mini concert.

With this good sound source and sound system, we will be able to offer a beautiful


                                                                 Oct.11. 2003  Ryo@JEARN


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