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I was relieved!
Sent: Thursday, August 12, 2004 1:26 PM
Subject: [NEGAIconnection:610] I was relieved!

Dear NEGAI friends,

On August 10, we had a meeting, reporting about the World Conference agianst
A & H Bombs in Kobe. About 70 people participated in this meeting, including
Mr. Ueda, Mr. Saito from Tokyo, Ms, Yabuuchi, Ms. Osaki and Ms. Nakai.
Maryam gave her first speech like the conference one, very powerfully. Ms.
Osaki and Ms. Yabuuchi helped interpretation. Thanks ! Gordon gave a very
smart speech concerned with globalization. Two of them were shining again in
this meeting among 5 foreign representatives. After that, we sang NEGAI
together and went to the party, celebrating the successful meeting. I was
really happy and relieved to accomplish this meeting following NEGAI
Concert, The World Conference in Hiroshima. We really made sure that Our
Wish is PEACE and Our Common Language is PEACE!

Suwako Nagata NEGAI Connection Coordinator


So powerful! NEGAI team
Sent: Saturday, August 07, 2004 9:54 PM
Subject: [NEGAIconnection:606] Re: So powerful! NEGAI team

Dear Negai Friends

Two years ago the Negai was born and now it is two years old and can walk
and talk .It can go where ever it wants and we will show to it  our country
and all around the world .
> it has grown and can unerstand everything. and understand the meaning of
Peace and freedom.It showed itself more briliant in the conference for
several times and our foreighn friends promised to take it to their
countries . I am proud am a member of negai and all other member find a
treasure by Negai and friendship and collaborating were the topic sign of
Negai.for several time Negai introduced to people on the famous news papers
and Suwako Nagata as a star shined in every place as a grate manager and
grate coordiator.
 Mr. Yokoyama as a father for his Negai children tryed for care it and
introduduced it in the best . Gordon from Kenya showed the progress of Negai
on his country although they have many problems in living and food.Other
members with their strong collaboration showed the unity and Mr. Yamagami
played Guitar and sang with his golden voice the NEGAI and WE LOVE PEACE.I
supposed Mathematics  is a logical language which every body can understand
it  but found Music of Negai is the logical language for understanding.

Peace and Love



Sent: Friday, July 30, 2004 8:11 AM
Subject: [Jearn:3117] So powerful! NEGAI team

Dear Negai friends,

Today Gordon, Maryam, & Suwako are now in Hiroshima again to join the International Anti-A&H Bomb Conferrence.

They already joined the conferrence yesterday,there they:Team NEGAI gave splendid presentation. There were so many oversea presenters that Gordon & Maryam got only 2 minutes for each presentation. But Gordon shouted his message so powerfully that all the participants got impressed.
After Gordon's performance Maryam made her speech."If you got hurt your hand, your pain is not limited partially:you will pain by all your body. I don't want any war at any part of the world!"
She presented her speech in much larger voice than usual.Both presentation were sooooo powerful!
Today Team NEGAI will join the conferrence to send all NEGAI friends' message on their song"NEGAI"!

That's all for the morning report from Hiroshima.
Reported by Hirochika Ueda.
Oh I, Ueda is not in Hiroshima. This report is based on Suwako's handyphone call to me!

Hirochika Ueda



strong cherry blossoms and peace songs! 
Sent: Sunday, April 04, 2004 1:45 PM

 It is raining in Kobe. Cherry blossoms are in full bloom now, but they are
 being attacked by the rain and yesterday's strong wind, but most of the
 petals are still keeping on the branches bravely. I adore the strength!

 Thank you, Andrew for your news of producing new rap songs coordinated with
 NEGAI. Yes, let's sing out " Peace songs" all over the world, against war,
 oppression, discrimination and poverty!

 Let me introduce Andrew's mail to Japanese readers

Suwako Nagata (Kobe)


Sent: Wednesday, August 04, 2004 9:44 AM
Subject: [NEGAIconnection:603] So powerful! NEGAI team


he iEARN Sierra Leone team are currently producing rap songs on the theme that is central to the wonderful Negai initiative. The chorus that follows this are refelctions of the powerful forces that peace can have from us all.

Voiced by the children and youth of iEARN Sierra Leone, the songs are currently inspired by the visit of the famous Dutch Rap Artist to iEARN Sierra Leone, called 'Raymster '!

It is a true and authentic voice for peace.

We will let this songs be put on CD's when we get the resources to get them recorded at the studios and of course this will make a difference.




Negai will be sung by Kansai chorus! 
Sent: Friday, April 02, 2004 8:42 PM

Mr. Sakai informed me a great news! "Kansai Chorus," according to him, this
chorus group is No2 in Japan, chose NEGAI as its repertory in the next
 concert held at 7:00 on May 28(Fri) and 29 ( Sat) in Izumi Hall Osaka. Its
Homepage shows the explanation of NEGAI in this website. ( Sorry only in

Suwako Nagata (Kobe, Japan


Wonderful gift to Iraq! 

Sent: Sunday, March 21, 2004 7:39 PM 

Mr.Fumiaki Kishihara working at KouroMinami Elementary School is working
very hard for fundraising through collecting used stamps for Iranian
sacrifices from Bam Earthquake as you know. Also he, his students and his
colleagues sent a hand-made picture book and thousand origami cranes to
Iraq. Look at these smiles on Iraqi people who have received a warm heart
from Japan! I think this was a really gift full of heart including peace

Suwako Nagata (Kobe, Japan

Happy Iranian New Year!

Sent: Saturday, March 20, 2004 8:13 PMDear NEGAI friends,

There was a big peace March in Sannomiya, Kobe. It is said there were 3000
people marching against Iraqi occupation by US in Sannomiya. And " NEGAI"
was flowed from a campaign car .
Let me introduce Maryam's message for Japanese members. Thank you Maryam
for your strong peaceful message!  Suwako
Dear Negai friends and Suwako
Spring brings growing for nature and so we will renew our mind for a greate goal means, "PEACE" ,each of us will follow a strong action for developing the Peace ,it is our duty and will not scape of that. Spring color is green and our mind will think green not red ,not blood color ,and not war color.I remember the first day when US attacked Iraq we saw here most killing from TV .I know their mind was thinking to red color or maybe to black color.
We will do a revolution on growing Peace by Negai ,Every greate events begins from a small activity.Negai was a word but now it shows is a world.
Happy New Year for every body in nature or in mind.

Maryam Behnoodi
Iran _ Tehran

Nuclear free port and 3.20

DSent: Wednesday, March 17, 2004 8:15 PM

ear NEGAI friend,

Do you know that Kobe has a nuclear free port?  Kobe port has been nuclear
free since 1975. Tomorrow will be the 29th anniversary after it was
established. Every ship has to submit the nuclear free certificate to Kobe
Mayor before they enter the port. This formula has prevented the port from
entering nuclear loaded ships and warships. This formula was established
from the regret that during Vietnam War Japan didn't participate but
cooperated lending the port for sending weapons by US.
 Later this formula
influenced New Zealand to adapt Nuclear free policy around the country.
Tomorrow there will be a 29 th Anniversary meeting after its establishment.
in Sannomiya Kobe. I will join the meeting and will promote "NEGAI" CD
  As Mr. Horio wrote in the last ML, March 20 is the day when US attacked
Iraq 1 year ago. He will join some meeting in Kumamoto and protest against
the occupation of Iraq by US. He will use NEGAI for the campaign, too. On
the same day, there will be a protest assembly  in Sannomiya, Kobe, too. I'd
like to join and sing NEGAI with many people. Why won't you join together?

Suwako Nagata (Kobe)

Welcome to NEGAI Connection! Andrew! 

Sent: Monday, March 15, 2004 8:57 PM

Welcome to NEGAI Connection! Andrew!

Dear Negai family
Oh great words of wisdom from Mr Andrew Benson
Greene[Sierra Leone's iEARN National coordinator]
Here are the wise words:"Just as it takes acts of war
to make war, it does take acts of peace
make peace"
Thank you Andrew!!
Gordon Ondiek Nyabade

We have another good news today. iEARN Sierra Leone
Coordinator Andrew Greene wants to join this Mailing List. We want to
welcome him! He is a very powerful peace maker. I will forward his message

Dear Maryam and all at Negai,
It is a pleasure to hear from you and indeed how fortunate we all are to
be able to reflect upon the virtues there are in bringing world peace
which is an inspiring service that I have dedicated my life to achieve.

As I utilizes the spirit of compassion to enhance the lives of war
affected children, through my role as a volunteer educator, I bring these
young children closer to realize a positive change in their lives.

There are many reasons why I choose to be involved in peace issues and
also that of Negai. I understand that the key to happiness is to serve and
to feel an interconnectedness with the earth and people. I  understand
that everything in the universe has been built on the principle of
service: the nature of the sun is to serve, the nature of a flower is to
serve, the nature of us human beings is also to serve. As i continue to
serve the children of the universe around us, I begin to feel a natural
connection with its purpose.

I am participating in Negai to be a part of the change: A realization that
I am not helpless and that I and the war affected children/youth in Sierra
Leone can actively participate in the cause and effect relationships of
the universe. Even as only one, I do have the power to influence any
number of circumstances that surround our lives. My actions or inactions
are significant.

 In order for things to improve: the environment, peaceful solutions to
international conflict, or providing for those not as fortunate, we must
participate.  We want to know the postal address to send our music tapes,
and we will kindly appeal too for anyone who can donate or fund us to get
musical instruments like keyboard, drums, base guiter, studio mixer etc.

I see Negai, as a place where I can be the change, and the Wish songs of
the children will be a vision of that positive change.

Peace and friendship, through tele-collaboration,


 P/S: There is a message board that I have put up for peace too. Your kids
can post a message of peace, tolerance and global understanding, thereby
practicing tolerance and living together in peace:

"Just as it takes acts of war to make war, it does take acts of peace to
make peace"
Andrew Benson Greene Jr.
National Coordinator,
iEARN Sierra Leone

NEGAI song has been decided to be put on the coupling CD of a movie!

Sent: Tuesday, March 09, 2004 9:42 PM
Dear NEGAI friends!

Today I've got a very good news !!! " NEGAI"song was decided as a coupling
song with the theme song called " Chichi to kuraseba" -- Living with Father.
This movie is derected by Kuroki Kazuo and the author is Inoue Hisashi. The
protagonist is Miyazawa Rie! She is a very famous movie star who was on the
movie called " Tasogare Seibee" !!! It is not a theme song or main image
song but it was decided to be put on the B side of the CD of the image song.
The theme of this movie is the atomic bomb surviver in Hiroshima. NEGAI is
so suitable for this theme. They didn't tell me the singer's name yet but
they will record it next month! Isn't it a big news?!

NEGAI Connection Project
By Yasushi Miyazaki
(Japan Education Resource Network/
Faculty of Humanities, Kansai University of International

  A PEACE song called ‘NEGAI’ (‘Our Wish’ in English)
was launched on March 2002 by students of Ohzu Junior High
School of Hiroshima city, where an atomic bomb had dropped
for the first time of the world history. NEGAI Connection
Project, one of the learning projects of iEARN
(International Education and Resource Network), is
originally aimed at promoting  PEACE the
people around the world by this song. The project consists
of various activities: 1) writing new verses of NEGAI, 2)
translating original verses into various languages, 3)
organizing international mailing list (ML), etc. Now we have
developed this project, wishing world peace and have exchanged
our opinopns world-wide.
  NEGAI has now 150 verses. Lots of impressive new
verses are added to four original verses. New ones are
written by a lot of people around the world, who support
the mind of this song. Additionally, four original ones
are translated into 30 languages; Newest language
versions are German, Malay/Indonesian, Esperanto (an
artificial language invented as an international means of
communication), and Maori (a language spoken by Maori
people in New Zealand). We hope more and more people
will know this song through these translations.
  Thia project, NEGAI Connection Project, has another
aspect in addition to these collecting verses.: Exchange of message
 about PEACE activities andeducational matters around the world
 on an own mailing list of the project. It has now 70 members
from 16 countries and is run bilingually in Japanese and in English.
  Here is an example of a fruit of our collaboration. A
project member Mr. Gordon Ondiek Nyabade has often
reported a severe situation of Kenya to other project members on the
mailing list. He appealed to other members to donate to Kenyan
Children who have suffered from lack of opportunities to receive
education, and who have suffered from starvation.
Responding to this appeal, Ms. Suwako Nagata, a
facilitator of NEGAI Connection Project, gave him one
suggestion quoting from a saying
'The true volunteer is not to give a fish but to teach how
to fish'. Her advice for Gordon was to write a book about a
situation of Kenya and Africa. He agreed with her and
tirelessly worked on it. It was finished just in
a week and translated into Japanese by Ms. Nagata. This
is how this booklet was made.
‘Send Love to Kenyan Children!’ is now available on ], too.
  English is mainly used in our communication on Mailing List.
Of course some members help with translation. We exchange e-mails
not only for correspondence itself but also encourage each other and
cooperate each other, because everybody has a great awareness for world
peace. Sometimes we face the harsh reality like Kenya, then we learn
how to try to cooperate each other.
  Developing from a project of  introducing a PEACE song
'NEGAI', NEGAI Connection Project is now working as a
project of intercultural communication based on endless
hope for PEACE. We are going to hold NEGAI CONCERT in
Hiroshima on 28 July 2004. We intend to welcome NEGAI again to
Hiroshima, its birthplace, after spreading all over the world and
becoming much bigger. You can join us by various ways as
you like: making fifth verse, communicating on mailing list, etc.
 We will welcome all the people who are hoping PEACE with open arms!

Suwako Nagata (Kobe)


Happy Valentine to NEGAI friends! Series 3 

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:314] Re: [NEGAIconnection:301] RE: [NEGAIconnection:300] Happy Valentine to NEGAI friends! Series 3

Dear NEGAI friends,
    Greetings from Faye.

    I am sorry that I didn't get the chance to send you my Valentine wishes
because I didn't get on line for two days.
    However, I want to report what our students did for Valentine's Day.
Students in our school, Fenghsin Senior High School, initiated an action to
show our love and care for the needy children, who can not pay for their
tuition and lunch at school.  They sold 300 chocolate flowers and collected
almost 30,000 New Taiwan Dollars for World Vision in Taiwan.  A lot of
students and teachers would like to pay more for the flowers because the
flowers mean more than ordinary ones.  Many people would like to share their
love with those needy children on the special day.
    About our care for the earthquake in Iran, we sold about 200 CDs of
NEGAI in Chinese and Japanese and raised about 50,000 NT Dollars for World
Vision.  Students and teachers fromTaipei Dali High School, Kaohsiung Girls'
High School, iEARN society and of course Fenghsin Senior High School gave us
the most support.  We really hope that when they listen to our CD, the
song's verses would touch their heart and they would want more peace in the
world.  The students also send their concern about children of Bam in words.
I have posted in the forum of Children of Bam.
    Dear all NEGAI friends, I really appreciate all the members of this
mailing list.  We are like brothers and sisters in a big family.  Even if
you are the silent ones, we can still feel that the power of hope have
united us together.  Keep writing your book, Gordon.  Maybe we can have a
Chinese one published in Taiwan, too.


From Gordon (Kenya) 
Sent: Saturday, January 24, 2004 1:59 PM
Subject: [NEGAIconnection:248] Re: From_Gordonăă

 Dear Gordon and NEGAI friends,

 How sad! You can't help but only watch people dying! Gordon, please appeal
 the pain through this ML!
Dear friends, give him cheers, please!

Suwako (Kobe, Japan)

== ==

Dear Suwako and all beloved Negai family
Receive my heartfelt greetings.I am very humbled by
Suwako's special concern over my life in Kenya.Thank
you so much!It has been very rough and tough for me in
Kenya because my mum had been ill after an accident
and many people with whom my project serves have been
hard hit by malaria,HIV/AIDS and hunger.Many are dying
and we can not help but only watch the horror and
pains of death!I have composed a special song about
soon send a copy.I will present it in the Hiroshima
Concert in July!Thank you so much dear Suwako and
every concerned member of Negai!!
Gordon Ondiek Nyabade

Hello Suwako,
I am very sorry to have kept you away from communications this year!It is
because this year has
started with a lot of financial difficulties that always make me stay away
from the Cyber cafe.I used a lot of money to treat my mum and on food!Many
go without food in Kenya and malaria and other diseases are taking tolls
claiming lives and the
hungry are dying each day!I just long to come to Japan
soon.I will email you soon!
Warmly Gordon (kenya)

People in Africa are always in danger. A few days ago Tommie also informed
about malaria in Botswana. What can we do? When Gordon came to Japan, he
energetically informed about the children in Kenya. All my students were so
impressed. Gordon, you are always with us.
You're strong enough to overcome these difficulties. We are looking forward
to seeing you again in Hiroshima! Best Wishes 


== ==

Dear Gordon and NEGAI friends,

Yesterday and today are the coldest days in this winter in Kobe. It was
minus 2 degrees. But for Mika, it is nothing, right?  Today I received the
first e-mail this year from Gordon. From the beginning of this year, we have
a lot of troubles in the world. Even among our NEGAI member countries, the
big earthquake in Iran, and Japan sent the troops to Iraq though it is
against the Japanese constitution!
And again I became so sad to hear from Gordon. He wrote as follows.

Hello Suwako,
I am very sorry to have kept you away from communications this year!It is
because this year has
started with a lot of financial difficulties that always make me stay away
from the Cyber cafe.I used a lot of money to treat my mum and on food!Many
go without food in Kenya and malaria and other diseases are taking tolls
claiming lives and the
hungry are dying each day!I just long to come to Japan
soon.I will email you soon!

Warmly Gordon (Kenya)

People in Africa are always in danger. A few days ago Tommie also informed
about malaria in Botswana. What can we do? When Gordon came to Japan, he
energetically informed about the children in Kenya. All my students were so
impressed. Gordon, you are always with us.
You're strong enough to overcome these difficulties. We are looking forward
to seeing you again in Hiroshima! Best Wishes 

Suwako (Kobe, Japan)

9th anniversary after the Earthquake

Sent: Saturday, January 17, 2004 4:15 AM
Subject: [NEGAIconnection:225] Re: 9th anniversary after the Earthquake

Dear NEGAI Frieands
Last night our TV was showing the greate Earth Quakes in the world and one of them was Hanshin Awaji earth quake .I never forget Suwako Showed me the Kobe musume and all those pictures show the deep sadness . I could feel that sceine when Bam Earthquake occured and the Japanese students who helped them by their heart.
I saw the bridges were broken and the cars were damaged
Only the sounds of  glasses and  falmes could be heared
Shaking the rows of cabinets in supermarkets and falling the roofs
I saw one shoe by the wall and a part of a cloths and a fired basket
I saw , how people were helping others and nobody thought is higher
I saw ,That old japanese man who was singing for childred to forget
what they saw to forget what happened for their fathers for their mothers
For all who died in earthquake and their places were empty there.
I saw how soon, people helped government for rebuild all damaged buildings
I saw less of two mounth the the briges were built and the city got it face
I saw people backed to their living in small connexes and schools opened
I saw the life continues because the rest of people were alive .
I saw the modern KOBE city beside the broken hearts
who never forget that morning on 17th January  and now
I saw the broken hearts who never forget 26th December
In Bam where 37,000 people were died .
Bam's sweet dates trees will grows because Bam will never die as Kobe.
Its dates will export to Japan and its sweet will bring them happiness.
In this way they will say thank you my brothers and sisters who help us
We never forget your kind your hands your aims and your faces .
Best regards

From IRAN-Tehran


Sent: Friday, January 16, 2004 9:21 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:224] 9th anniversary after the Earthquake

Dear NEGAI freinds,

Tomorrow is the day on which the Great Hanshin Awaji Earthquake hit Kobe
area. 9 years have passed! Now Kobe is almost recoverd and you cannot see
the trace well. But still in the depth of everyone's heart,
 there is some pain. In our school we had a guest who is a poet called
Tamagawa Yuka. She read her own poem concerned with the earthquake. Some
students were crying to be touched. I myself heard from my students about
their memory of the quake. Though they were 4 or 5 years old, they remember
about it clearly. They were scared, of course. One of my student said he
lost his words for several months after the quake because of the shock.
Another student tolde me that he was buried under the rubbles for a few
hours. Now a lot of Bam children are suffering like that or more!
Our school will begin collecting donation to Bam from next week

Sincerely Suwako

From Kobe

Maryam's verses 118,119,120,121and 1st anniversary of NEGAI

Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2004 10:46 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:212] Maryam's verses 118,119,120,121and 1st anniversary of NEGAI

Dear Maryam

What  nice verses!! Of course can we put these verses into NEGAI? They  will
be 118,119, 120, 121. You did it!!! You are really a poet!!!

Dear NEGAI friends,

In Japan schools have started the third semester. We, teachers are happy to
see the students' cheerful faces after the winter holidays, aren't we? My
school students council also have decided to collect donation for Bam
Earthquake. It is the first job for our new counscil members who were
elected last December.

As for me, one year has passed since I met "NEGAI". I met NEGAI in the
teachers' meeting in Gifu last January. Mr.Yokoyama presented it at that
time as you know. I was so much moved by this song and his activity. NEGAI
has grown very big, worldwide thanks to you. Mr.Yokoyama and I also will
present about NEGAI, how it grew this big, to the teachers from all over
Japan on January 12 , soon, in Nagano. I hope NEGAI will be still bigger and
we will be able to connect with more people, wishing for PEACE.

Mika introdeced  GSN Online Shared Learning Awards. I will translate it into
Japanese below.

Warm regards, Suwako (

Decamp toward NEGAI

Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2004 7:56 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:211] Decamp toward NEGAI

Decamp toward NEGAI

When, my stories were full of tears.

When, nobody put my loneliness in his poems

When, my lips were closed in front of the mirrors

When, my heart was broken of outrages, then


I wished to decamp toward NEGAI,

Where!! I can extend my words' wings for flying.

Where!! My breath, calls that dead bird, back to life,

Where!! The races are not different in their kind.


There! Doves are not alone, they amorously whisper,

The lovely words, not in dream, sure, in real.

Where!! This love bird can sings the songs of peace.

Where!! The swans make a heart by their kiss.


Where! The dried flowers can even grow in autumn.

Where, the cherry flowers, dance hand to hand,

by the music of rivers and the moonlight melody.

Where, none of the borders are not recognized.


Maryam Behnoodi

From IRAN-Tehran

Apply for ENO Program

Sent: Thursday, January 08, 2004 4:49 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:210] Apply for ENO Program

Dear NEGAI friends,

Have you been wondering how to use ICT naturally in your teaching or find
interactive ways in learning? Are you interested in environmental issues and
global education? Would you like to improve your teaching, and meet colleagues
from all over the world? This could be your chance.

ENO-Environment Online© is a global web school for environmental awareness. Four
environmental themes ( dimensions of sustainable development ) are studied
within a school year ( Social, Natural, Cultural Environment and  a sustainable
way of living ) on a weekly basis. ENO Program is a strong and active network
of schools. It has been running since 2000 and it is administrated by the city
of Joensuu, Finland.

The main idea is to lay emphasis on local environment and see it in a global
aspect: act locally - think globally. Information will be gathered from local
communities and shared together in the website. Learning is student-centred,
both online and offline activities. At the end of each theme there is a
campaign week when students share their results and raise them up in their
local communities. They become eventually ambassadors for environment in their
respective local communities and regions and worldwide. Also in the developing
countries where we have many ENO schools.

ENO is a well-known program supported by the European Commission and National
Board Of Education. We have received many international awards, latest a "Cyber
Oscar" in GKP Youth Awards. Above all, this is currently a free service for
your school!

Sounds interesting? Why not become a member!! We will choose approximately
150-200 new schools (English only) to become members for the 2004 -2005 school
year. The deadline for applications is March 31st,  2004. Official ENO schools
will be announced on April 2003 in the ENO  website.
You can find the application form here:

warm regards,


GSN Teacher Award Program

Sent: Tuesday, January 06, 2004 3:09 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:209] GSN Teacher Award Program

Dear NEGAI members,

I know there are many great teachers in this NEGAI network. So I would like to
inform you about GSN Online Shared Learning Awards.  These awards  recognize
exemplary telecollaborating teachers, media specialists, and other school-based
educators and seek to promote the effective use of telecollaboration among
different classes and groups of students.

Nominations for 2004 are now being accepted ( deadline for this is soon, 14th
of January 2004).

Please read more here:

warm regards,


Entries for Childnet Academy,deadline soon

Sent: Friday, January 02, 2004 3:56 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:206] Entries for Childnet Academy,deadline soon

Dear NEGAI members,

a happy new year to each one of you!

I am wondering about the projects you do at school like NEGAI or other
projects. Or ideas like project for Bam children? Please note the information
below. It is focused on projects arranged or ideas by people under 18 yrs.
Please share this with your networks

Childnet Academy 2004:

Only 8 days to go!

* Have you created a great website or do you have an idea you want to develop?
* Would you like to win prize money to develop your project?
* Are you 18 and under?

Join the best young web developers in the world at the Cable & Wireless Academy
in London in Spring 2004.

Please enter here:


 Mr Mika Vanhanen

Best Wishes for PEACE!

Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2004 7:25 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:205] Re: Best Wishes for PEACE!

Dear Suwako,
Happy new year to you too! Let's be united for PEACE and with  PEACE!

==  == ==

Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2004 6:36 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:204] Best Wishes for PEACE!

Dear NEGAI friends,

Best Wishes for 2004 to all!

I feel so warm to know your friendship from the world. I really feel we are
united with one wish. That wish is of course PEACE.
Thank you very much for your cooperation, friendship and warm regards in
2003. Let's promote our friendship further more to the new world where no
one shall never be suffered from war, poverty and disaster.We shall make a
difference in the world!!

Best Wishes for Peace

Maryam we are together!!.

Sent: Thursday, January 01, 2004 12:31 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:203] Re: Maryam we are together!!

Dear Gordon
Your messages bring us energy to follow  rebuilding a new and strong city for Bam's children .Today the weather was very cold in Tehran and you know in desert at night it is more colder than hear ,do you know when I am going to sleep think them and up to morning several times wake up and put myself instead of them who are living in tents?
Only my eyes don't cry but my heart so crys more. Now I can feel Japanees in Kobe and other places in other countries which earth quake occured.Do you know 30,000 died at this earth quake?
it was worst than a war who may takes for several years.
But I am happy my brothers and my sister support Bam's children in different ways even students from Taiwan and japan send their donation to
thanks of them

==  == ==

Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2003 4:15 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:201] Maryam we are together!!

Dear sister Maryam,I just wish to kindly have you know that we are together with you and all the dear friends,brothers and sisters of Bam,Iran at this time of pain!Receive on behalf of myself,Go Fishnet
Project-Kenya and all Negai Kenya members and iearn
 Kenya our heartfelt best wishes,love and peace to all the Negai Iran and brothers and sisters who are ailing
due to the horrow Earthquake.We are together with you
 as your African brothers and sisters!God loves you and He will give you the courage and peace to endure all
these tragedies and give you strength again!!

Gordon Ondiek Nyabade
Peace/Culture Ambassodor-Kenya
Negai Activist/Promotor

We can share the pain of your heart.

Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2003 11:49 PM
Subject: [NEGAIconnection:202] Dear Kazuko & NEGAI friends

Dear Kazuko & NEGAI friends
why when you send to me the messages my tears fall and no voice can heared from my mouth .your kindness as your hosting ashamed us and don't know what shall we do with your kindness.Suwako knows my feelings and saw my tears are falling these days every moment that TV show them.I told our members about your supporting in
hope other friends support them by their heart and remember their children in Bam need their help.
they can see them in
God bless all of them who died.

==  == ==

Sent: Wednesday, December 31, 2003 9:52 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:200] Message for Maryam and Suwako

Dear Maryam and all friends,
I am really shocked to hear the news of the Bam earthquake.
Please accept my deepest sympathy.
It is a top news even in Japan and a broadcast reported so sad visual spot
every day.
 As you know, a big erthquake hit Kobe nine years ago.
We can share the pain of your heart.
We believe tomorrow and we can do something for Bam.
Love and peace.
  (Kobe, Japan)


I have safely come back home

Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 8:19 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:197] I have safely come back home.

Dearest Mayam and NEGAI friends,

I have safely come back home.
My 2003 has ended up with a great memory in Iran with my NEGAI friend
Maryam. Iran is a really great country. I appreciate a lot its beauty,
people's warmth and its pride, though people suffer from its political and
social situation. Of course I appreciate Maryam's family for the most the
warmest hospitality. I was like a Queen ,served everyday's feast handmade by
her wonderful mum in her gorgeous house. She took me to many beautiful
places. I met people's welcome with beautiful smiles every time. The
highlight was the time I met Maryam's students. How cute,
intelligent,welcoming,cheerful and talented they are! It is of course Maryam
's daily education result!
Maryam, I was really happy ! I cried unusually because I was happy, not
because sad, you know! Thank you so mcuh for taking a very good care of me.
I never know such a great hostess like you. I have been always very safe and
guarded by you and had a really nice time with you.
Please give my best regards to yout family, colleagues and students.

My warmest regards and love from your Japanese sister Suwako
(Kobe, Japan)

Children of Bam Forum

Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 7:38 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:196] Re: "Children of Bam Forum"

Dear Yoko
I never can believe how much our sisters and brothers all around the world are kindness about the Bam's children.Really will thanks God for creating such people.
thank you for introducing ouf forum and hope the students send calm messages for Bam's children.
thanks for sending donation.
accept my warm regards.

==  == ==

Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 6:59 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:193] "Children of Bam Forum"

Dear Maryam and Suwako san,

This is Yoko, Japan.
Your conversation on Bam earthquake has deeply touched to me.
It seems not co-incident.....Suwako san, Maryam, Bam disaster, and NEGAI Connection.

I sent my sympathy to iEARN-Iran country coordinator and Iran teachers at iEARN-program forum on 28th.
And here I have some little donation to Bam collected at meeting yesterday.  It will be there in some ways.

I found "Children of Bam Forum" in your home page and introduced it to JEARN members.

Faye and Doris, please look at it at

I highly respect Maryam and iEARN-Iran teachers the way how they take good care of children in Bam who are suffered from their own  pain, loss of their house, and
even their parents.
Pictures and messages from children around the world will console the sorrow of Bam children and they sense that iEARN friends standing by him and her.
I will encourage JEARN teachers and school children to stand by them too.    

                                                                                                 Thinking of you,  Yoko (Japan)

My tear-drops for Bam people in Iran

Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 4:20 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:191] Re: My tear-drops for Bam people in Iran

Hello Dear Gordon
Your message not only warm our hearts but also happy us to having such friends like you .Most of  students and teachers has sent me messages and want to help us and it show little by little Negai is recieving to its aims in near future means Peace around the world and helping to each other..At this moment the main things is praying for whom are alive in Bam's earth quake as you wrote us.
Warm regards

 ==  == ==

Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2003 5:52 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:184] My tear-drops for Bam people in Iran

Dearest loving Bam people,
I am humbled and saddened by the tragedy that left the
whole world sad when we watched on the media the death
and hurts of the dear loving Iranians.I am sending my
PEACE to the relatives,friends and all people of Iran
at this time of hurt and sorrow!I am together with you
in the spirit to encourage you and to COMFORT
you!Receive my heartfelt PRAYERS that God will soon
wipe away the tears on your faces and give you PEACE
in your hearts despite the dreaded Earthquake
tragedy!My dear friend SUWAKO is already in Iran and I
hope she will give you the encouragement and Comfort
in you heart because she i our Peace Ambassodor
currently visiting Iran!Suwako,you are in Iran at a
time Maryam needs you most!Sister Maryam,please be
comforted...I am with you in the spirit of peace and
Gordon Ondiek Nyabade

Earthquake in Bam, Iran

Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 7:30 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:195] Re: Messages exchanged between Suwako and 

MaryamDear Yasushi
Thank you very much for translating our messages these were not message these were a part of our heart who noe belongs to Negai.
Warm Regards

==  == ==

Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 10:21 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:189] Re: HOPE

Dear Maryam and all the friends in Iran,
  I am really shocked to hear the news of earthquake and sorry for the
disaster of cultural treasure.
  Doris and I have responded your message but it seems that the e-mail has
  Yesterday we had a garden party in our school.  There we promoted the CDs
we made.    The CD contains the hope and peace message.  We would like to
send some CDs to you.  Can you give me your address?  Besides, we would also
like to donate part of our profit from selling CDs to Iran.  If you know any
organization with good reputation in Iran, we would like to transfer the
money to it.  Or we can give them to World Vision in Taiwan.  They are
collecting money for Iran, too.
  Please tell us what else we can do.  We will continue praying for those
who lost their family members, those who are injured and those whose houses
and properties are gone.  May the merciful Lord be your strength.

Faye (

==  == ==

Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 4:16 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:188] Re: HOPE

 Dearest Suwako
Your words are as Kausar Water who makes a death to alive .I Hope As that Holly man said your project go all over the world and fill that with peace.I wish onece again meet all my real friends in Hiroshima specially those nice students with their powerfull leader Yokoyama who programed that nice programs. I am sure this second metting is more exciting than the last one and I wish can join you at that time it is proud for me have such friends like Neagai members.

Peace & love
Maryam (Iran)

==  == ==

Sent: Monday, December 29, 2003 3:59 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:187] HOPE

Dear Maryam,
Hope is the thing that will never stop. I, the grandchild of a man who suffered from the atomic bomb in Nagasaki and myself , a surviver from the earthquake in 1995, can tell you,HOPE enables you to survive and love helps you to live strongly. NEGAI ( hope for peace) enabled us to meet in Awaji, NEGAI has enabled us to meet in your beloved country again and NEGAI will enable us to meet once again in Hiroshima in Julu 2004. And HOPE will enable this country to be still more beautiful again. in the near future with your people's love. Your hospitality was the best I have ever met. I had really wonderful time with you, your mum, your sister, your brother, Manila, Kimia, your colleagues and your students. I cannot thank you too much. Merci!!!
Love and hope Suwako
==  == ==

Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2003 11:46 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:183] Re:[NEGAIconnection:182] Is this the custom of hosting?

Dear Maryam and all friends,

This is a great sadness to hear that many people in Bam, Iran suffered a
terrible disaster .
I am shocked to hear the news.
We would like to do something for those who suffered this great disaster.

With prayer

Yoshie (Kobe, Japan)

==  == ==

Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2003 10:47 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:185] The time to think deeply and act effectively for the people in Iran.

Dear all the NEGAI members,

I was also shocked on Iranian earthquake.
Now, it is the time to think deeply and
act effectively for the people in Iran.

Just about a few weeks ago, I have studied about
volunteer activities on after Hanshin Awaji earthquake
restration in my university. There is no reason why I do
nothing for Iranian people, who has faced on the situation
similar to Hanshin-Awaji region despite I learned about
past calamity and its restration!

Warm regards,

28 December 2003
Yasushi Miyazaki in Japan

==  == ==


Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2003 5:06 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:182] Is this the custom of hosting?

Dear Suwako
Is this the custom of hosting? Not at all . Did I wish you to come here with carrying all these sadness ? Believe me never wished  you to come here and fill your luggage with sad memories. Is it the custom of hosting???!!! No No God knows better I never wished such.
We promised to open a title project under covering i*EARN to show people how to care themselves but before we could do any thing even build one page this happpening occured . I remember ED accept with smile we open Natural Disasters (EARTH QUAKE)and introduce this project with loud sound for i*EARN audience 'But now I will say the First News  after the conference was 10,000 died in Bam Earthquake .I never could imagine this number even in counting through this happening.
Maryam (Iran)

==  == ==

Sent: Sunday, December 28, 2003 4:37 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:181] Re: Earthquake in Bam, Iran

Dear NEGAI friends
Bam ! that Ancient City may someone had seen there !!! Now there isn't exist . It became more famous suddenly after the earthquake in sadness not in historical events. I still can remember the sound and crying people in Awaji, Kobe and Hyogo. So no need to explain my feeling , I know most of NEGAI members to input themselves instead of them. Do you live last night in warm bed really you were in sleeping? But in Bam many injured were alive on the soil undergraound in coldness under 0. How you could sleep your brother yur sisiter and a part of your body was in pain. Did you have anything to heal them? I saw people in taxi in subway were crying very much for them in Tehran. The sound of ambulance covered all sounds all over the streets. Nobody couldn't do anything.except praying. A strange feeling grew in my body. What can I do ? This was the question that I asked several times in my mind. What can we do? ...
from Iran (the place that I never forget the kindness , the happiness that bring to me but finally will not forget that great sadness Bam's earthquake)

==  == ==

Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2003 11:42 PM

Subject: Re: [NEGAIconnection:179] Re: Earthquake in Bam, Iran

Dear Suwako and friends in Iran,

I hope that you are all safe and sound.  The earthquake is certainly a great shock to all the people in the world.  Today Taiwan government also sent a group of rescuers to Iran in the hope of finding more people alive within the golden rescue time.   Four years ago, an earthquake in central Taiwan took 2000 lives.  We also got help of rescuers from many foreign countries.  It's good to see that the world is getting smaller and more countries are willing to share their resource.  We can focus our song "NEGAI" on the topic of world collaboration and hope, can't we?

I will pray for the safety of the rescuers and people in Iran.

Faye  (Taiwan)

==  == ==

Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2003 8:13 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:179] Re: Earthquake in Bam, Iran

Dear friends,

I pray more Bam people could afound live.

9 years  ago , I experienced the Hanshin-Awaji earthquake.
 I have never forgotten the disaster of Kobe  where I live and love.
I pray  Bam peo
ple and children being rescued!!

 Thinking of you
 Kazuko (Kobe, Japan)

==  == ==

Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2003 6:24 PM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:178] Earthquake in Bam, Iran


Dear friends,

I am also very sorry to hear about this earthquake. A Finnish group of helpers
left Finland this morning to help the situation.

The situation seems very bad. Let's hope that more people could be found alive.



==  == ==

Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2003 5:41 PM

Subject: Re: [NEGAIconnection:174] Re: Suwako & Maryam photos in IRAN

Dear Maryam and Suwakosan,

  Hope you both are safe and sound during the big earthquake.

And on behalof of iEARN Taiwan, I would like to express our deepest concerns for

Iran people. 

warm regards,

Doris (Taiwan)

More photos from Iran!

Sent: Tuesday, December 30, 2003 5:20 AM
Subject: [NEGAIconnection:192] Re: Suwako & Maryam photos in IRAN

Can I forget you tiers in conference? Never!!! and know very well how much you are upset about this event .
You better only pray for people who are alive in Bam for tolerating their sadness.
you can very deeply feel them as you have seen Hanshin Awaji earth quake.Many countries are helping us even US brotherly is helping us .
Peace and Love
Maryam (Iran)

==  == ==

Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2003 9:29 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:175] Re: Suwako & Maryam photos in IRAN

Dear Maryan and Suwako
This is Hiroshi (Uenocchi).

I saw your pictures. How beautiful the blue sky is !
I want to go to Iran.

But, I heard bad news.
Earthquake Kills 20,000 in Ancient Iranian City Bam.
I'm very very sorry to hear that.
9 years ago,  the big earthquake kills 5.000 in  Awaji and Hanshin.

What can I do for  people in Bam?

(Okinawa in Japan)
 ==  == ==

Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2003 7:19 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:174] Re: Suwako & Maryam photos in IRAN

 Dear Maryam,

I  knew a big earthquake  in Iran on TV.
Morning news reports earthquake damage of your country in Japan.
I really feel sad for your country earthquake.

Dear Suwako san,
I saw  beautiful photos of Maryam and Suwako in front of museums.

Bon Boyage!
Kazuko (

==  == ==

Sent: Saturday, December 27, 2003 4:37 AM
Subject: [NEGAIconnection:173] Re: Suwako & Maryam photos in IRAN

Dear Kazuko ; Mika;Jane & NEGAI friends
You may be jealous but what a lucky day I had today! I went to
see many museums. They were so beautiful and wonderful. These are the most beautiful places I have ever seen in my life. My words cannot express my feelings! So look at these pictures ! ( From Suwako)
Can you see my picture in 
click on ENO material then click on "Go to material "then "all
materials"finally you can see me in file name "Suwako photo in IRAN"

==  == ==

Sent: Thursday, December 25, 2003 9:51 PM

Dear Suwako,

I see your picture. You look great! It must be very cold in Iran,
because you were wearing a heavy coat.
Wish you have a wonderful and fruitful trip over there!

Dear NEGAI friends,

Wish you Merry Christmas & a happy, properous and peaceful year of 2004!

Best regards,
Jane Kang from Taiwan

==  == ==

Sent: Thursday, December 25, 2003 7:54 PM
Subject: [NEGAIconnection:169] More photos from Iran!
 Dear Suwako,

we are happy to hear about your visit to Maryam's country. Please send more
photos about your visit to ENO material! I saw the photo there with you and the

warm regards,

Mika (

==  == ==

Sent: Thursday, December 25, 2003 6:04 PM
Subject: [NEGAIconnection:168] Re:_I_will_leave_Japan_for_Iran.ă

Hi, NEGAI friends,
Where am I?
 Yes, I finally arrived at Maryam's place! I am very excited to see her and her family. The trip has been so safe. People here are all very kind and friendly. Mika, sorry I borrowed ENO site because Negai site doesn't permit me to attache my photo. Can you see my picture in  click on ENO material then click on "Go to material "then "all materials" ,finally you can see me in file name "Suwako photo"  I am very fine and happy!! This place is called Liberty Tower. (Azadi Borj) at the first moment in Tehran.
Love from Tehran Suwako

 I will leave Japan for Iran. (Dec. 22,2003)

Sent: Tuesday, December 23, 2003 12:51 AM

Subject: [NEGAIconnection:165] Re: I_will_leave_Japan_for_Iran.ă

Dear Negai Friends
Suwako pointed to an important issue "peace in Iraq" As you know we were in war for 8 years with Iraqians and Saddam killed many of our people we hate him but never like Iraqians be in war and wish peace for them.I wish Peace for all over the world and Happy Negai caused we got near to each other and destroyed distance in this way.
Marry Christmas for all Christians and wish best holidays.
I wish Suako show her nice feeling to my students " How they can like each other and how they develope the peace on the world.
all of you are welcome to Iran not only  Suwako who is my dear friend all of you are my family.

==  == ==

Sent: Monday, December 22, 2003 8:37 PM
Subject: [NEGAIconnection:164] I will leave Japan for Iran. 

Dear NEGAI friends,

Tomorrow I will leave Japan for Iran to see my NEGAI friend, Maryam. I will
 be back on Dec. 30. I may fly over Iraq. I will pray in my flight for the people in Iraq and many solidiers for not being killed in a meaningless fight .I am very curious to go to the new place like Iran. Maryam will take me to many places and especially I'd like to meet Iranian children. Maryam showed me how they are talented in art, of course in many categories in the
conference. I will let you know how it is, later when I come back.  

Love and
peace Suwako (Japan)


Re:Christmas Greetings from Mika (Dec. 20,2003)

Dear Mika and all,
    Whiling listening to your lovely song " En Etsi Valtaa, Loistoa," I  am
writing my appreciation  and excitement
about all the efforts we all have contributed to the Peace project.
    First of all, Mika's song aroused my memory on what it was like when in
a place under heavy snow and in low temeperature.  I have experienced such a
cold weather twice: one is  back to 1992 alone studying in Michigan State,
USA, and the other is with my whole family in 1996 in Penn State.    Though
in the same cold weather, the latter is totally different from the former.
The key to such differences lies in I was with my family for my second stay
in USA .  Knowing that all my family are happy and health is what I am much
concerned about.   Many thanks for Mika's song to remind me of so many
wonderful expereinces I have shared with my family.
    Likewise, without knowing why, I have the same tranquility and a sense
of peace whenever I write my message for NEGAI connection.  AH! I think I
know the reason--- I also regard everyone in this mailing list as one of my
best friends, working together to make the world better for us and our
children! :-)
    The other days, I played to my students the video about "Our wish"
project in 2003 iEARN Conference (do you still remember the Taiwanese chorus
in the closing ceremony ?)  Yes! Those lovely students!   When they saw
their performance was put together with performers from other countries, the
whole classroom roared with laughters and surprises.  They were so proud of
themselves to be able to do something to contribute to the project.  When
viewing how Hiroshima was destroyed by bombing, they felt shocked at the
sights they saw.  After class, some students came to us, expressing their
willingness to help with the project.
Right now, the NEGAI project is a hot issue among students in the music
classes.  Next Thursday (also Christmas Eve), by holding a concert, our
students will initiate their first fund-raising for their trip to Hiroshima
concert next year.  In their concert, they will also spread the seed of good
will in the project to the audience, hoping more people caring about peace.
    I owe the great work to Faye, my colleages in music classes, and of
course our wonderful students.  Without their tireless effort, the
miraculous work would not happen in our campus.  Later on, Faye will
announce what we have done in our school.
   In such a joyful and peaceful season, iEARN Taiwan wish you all have a
peaceful and happy Christmas!

Warm regards,
Doris Wu
Country Cooridnator of iEARN Taiwan

Christmas Greetings from Mika (Dec. 18,2003)

Dear Friend,

I wish you a Merry Christmas and A Happy New Year 2004. Thank you so for this
year. It has been a  priviledge to work with you.  I am looking forward to our
co-operation and true friendship.

This is my personal Christmas greeting to you. I recorded today ( 18 DEC) at
home while my daughter was sick and sleeping. In another room... :-)

The song is called "En Etsi Valtaa, Loistoa". It's one of the most loved
Finnish Christmas songs, composed by Jean Sibelius. I still recall the moment
when I performed this song ( a church in Polvijarvi town, Finland ) in 1974
when I was 10 years old. Alone, accompanied by organs. An exciting moment. This
recorded version is a different, more jazzy but I  hope you will enjoy it even
though I am not a pro singer and piano is a bit out of tune...

The first phrase in English:

I seek no power, no glory
Nor miss I gold
I beg the light of heaven
and peace on Earth.
Give Christmas that brings happiness
and thoughts will lead to Mighty God.
No power, no glory
but peace on Earth

You can download my recording here:

mp3 version:
Size: 3, 6mb

Real Media files ( streaming versions )
( for 56k and lan  )
 ( 330 kt, a poorer quality)

... but peace on Earth....

warm regards,


Mr Mika Vanhanen
coordinator  ENO Program  email:
tel +358 40 50 70 725   fax +358 13 26 75 543

Dear NEGAI friends,

Mika sent us a beautiful song from Finland. As Kazuko wrote to him, it is a
big Christmas present from Santa Claus country. He has helped us a lot since
June. The first time he sent us  Finnish version NEGAI. At that time we were
a kind of desparate because of the SARS issue. His song encouraged us a lot.
This time also he encourages us for the world peace. Thank you , Mika!

Suwako Nagata (Japan)


The latest NEGAI news from Kazuko (Oct.22,2003)

Dear NEGAI Friends,

Our website designer Kazuko will send you the latest messages.

 Let's send " Peace messages" through "NEGAI" created originally by
Hiroshima junior high school students, more powerfully to the world!

" NEGAI Connection" URL is here!

I am sending you this message from Hyogo where 10th iEARN Conference was
I have collected a lot of informations from the world and have put them into
the website. Now I really feel the stretching power of NEGAI.

I will inform you the latest news about this project.

We have collected 25 NEGAI versions from 22 countries, including
translations and video clips through iEARN network..

Ms. Nagata started NEGAI international ML, in order to make our new
relationship continuous. We have 34 members from 10 countries now.

On Mainichi Newspaper, our "NEGAI"  was introduced and spread further and
now we make a nice community, acting for peace. Here, we have new ideas like

E-chan, Mr. Saito read our article and has sent his MIDI versions
contuinuously. ( So far 9 versions ) The latest one is Tango version.

And the other day he surprised us very much, because he made NEGAI Clay doll
and also he showed us how to make it. ( you know)

Mr. Kihara, an elementary school principal, made NEGAI elementary school
version. It is called 'SEKAI' ( World)

Our NEGAI icon designer Ms. Okazaki made mobile phone straps with her art
club members for the next NEGAI concert on Dec. 6.( I will let you know the
detail soon!)

Many members have tried to make our project prosperous! Thanks a lot!

I have made" NEGAI LINKS" page and I collected all of them here. Look at

I hope this link will spread more and more!  Kazuko Okamoto

NEGAI Concert will be held on July 28 2004 in Hiroshima! (Oct.22,2003)
 We have decided to hold NEGAI CONCERT in Hiroshima on July 28, 2004. It will be a joint concert with Hiroshima Chorus. Please fix the date in your diary and try to join it! We are going to plan how we perform NEGAI. I'd like to ask your cooperation how to organize the concert. And we would like to sell the NEGAI CDs for the fund for the concert. The CD includes NEGAI song in Japanese and English as before and newly added the video clip from July 24th
NEGAI Concert and the 25th closing ceremony in the Conference. You can also
enjoy some other sites!! This is a wonderful CD made by Mr. Yokoyama, our
 NEGAI song founder. One CD is 1000 yen plus postage, or 10 dollars including postage. Would you please buy the CDs and also would you please cooperate
with spreading the CDs? Half of the profit will go to the fund. If you have
 any questions, suggestions or proposals, please ask me ,

                                                                    Suwako Nagata (Japan

Showers as NEGAI Dominated Anti-War event!! ( Oct. 22,2003 )

Dear NEGAI members,
It was a very remarkable day on 21st,October in Kobe at the Anti-War event as a great multitude of workers,NGOs and citizens gathered to mark the great PEACE appeal.Ms Suwako led an inspiring Negai team which sang like the singing-birds.It was such a day for Negai which brought forth powerful and soul touching peace appeal to over one thousand people who bravely bore the showers of rains.I felt greatly honoured to get chance to sing my composition of Negai
version in swahili.My new composition is a hit which demands an answer as to WHERE WAR CAME FROM!

As an African,I know in depth the pinch and pain of War consequenses.War has devastated African countries as we fight ourselves..tribe against another,country against another...leaving our children and women with one eye or one leg,child deformity,schools becoming the war camps...while at the same time...diseases such as HIV/AIDS is killing many of us,poverty boasts in our communities leaving countless people dead of hunger!WE DON`T NEED WAR ANYMORE!WE NEED PEACE!!
      Gordon O.Nyabade
               Peace Ambassodor-Kenya.

Dear NEGAI friends!

We did it! On October 21, we joined the Anti-War Rally. It was raining all day, but there came about 1000 people. Speakers had to ride on the roof of the van. We (my union friends, Gordon and that ventriloquist Sachiko went up to the roof and performed. Sachiko introduced our song NEGAI with Kinchan ( that doll ) and we sang all 4 verses. Then Gordon sang his 25th verse in
Swahili and he made a wonderful peace speech.

Gordon, please write after this mail about your speech!

I think our performance was so good that a lot of people gave us big hands and a journalist interviewed Gordon. We were very satisfied to finish this great event, spreading NEGAI.

                                                                              Suwako NagataJapan)


Copyright (C) 2003JEARN Hyogo.All right reserved.