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As for Internet live relay being possible

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Connected conceptual drawing of iEARN meeting place and 
Hyogo prefecture education information network

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*As for being able to transmit lively

2003 February 3rd Hyogo prefecture education information network is open to traffic.
Using this network, the computer room of the prefectural Higashi Ura branch school becomes base point, bores the hole through the wall with the drill, connects to CANONBEAM with 100 M optical cables approximately 150m. To this with optical radio approximately 1.8 KM it throws to the relay car inside the park of the wing port, furthermore, the road it probably will peel connects optical radio approximately 500m to the dream stage meeting place.
With this idea, the iEARN meeting place and education information network were connected, live transmission became possible.
According to the technician O who boards to the relay car inside the park of the wing port, 23rd past 8 o'clock in the morning, the fog occurred, but as for influence it has reported to live relay that it was not. It could not be influenced by meteorological condition, such as rain and fog it could prove also that it is transmission possible.

Because live transmission was equipped, the high quality which has the appearance impression as for being image, the high-speed steel peck the capturing card for PC and live transmission.


PC which is prepared in the meeting place entirely Windows Xp Professional and Office Xp Professional Multi Language Pack was installed.

3F  free space PC corners

4F   PC room

About multi language function environment

As for the personal computer of the meeting place, ID which login is done being two, English environment and Japanese environment had entered into one XP. Respectively it corresponded to Japanese and English environment.

The beginning, in "welcome the picture", were just Japanese and English, but

As for corresponding language, Chinese (simplified form letter), Chinese (traditional form letter), Dutch, English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, the Swedish language, the Arabic and the Brazilian language, Czech,
In order Danish, Finnish, Greek, Hebrew, Hungarian, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian and Turkish (total 24 languages) to be able to correspond, it was installed.

Welcome the picture

Please access simple explanation, to below.
http: //

These multi language editions are not sold as the package.
As DiskKit of the volume license it is possible to procure.

From the time before, introduction was examined, but offering PC, with Fujitsu SE which it receives cooperating, you set these multi language function environment, so is.


* About the keyboard

The English keyboard, 50 or more was prepared in the PC room and the lodging place etc..

As for difference of English keyboard and Japanese keyboard,

  1. Japanese which is used with kana input (hiragana) print it is not done.
  2. Conversion non conversion full size /, there is no kind of key which is used with kana input of the half angle key and the like
  3. The Enter key is small
  4. The space key Alt Ctrl key is large
  5. Position of the symbolic key /Caps LOCK and the like is different



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