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it was supported with all multi languages.

Hyogo e-School  "Hyogo e-School conception"
PC Environment / Live you see!!  / JEARN-ICT Volunteer

ICT sectional meeting, dream stage meeting success! It is the largest meritorious person. 2004 February 25th

In the people who promote the information orientation of education, it is environment of the behind scene which we would like you to view by all means.
Even because the latest international conference is not shut in memory. The photograph is released

The main hole left sleeve, the harsh indication is flying.

During live transmitting kana?

Adjournment system,conference recordvideo flowed.

Support of announcement in sub-panel

As for information interchange meeting PA. The equipment and material of professional  rebel was equipped. In what kind of correspondence OK

This, ICT sectional meeting center

In the midst of sub-panel video compilation

In the midst of 2003 dream stage digest productions! 



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