2003iEARN international conference and
"Hyogo e-School conception"

Hyogo e-School  "Hyogo e-School conception"
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"Hyogo e- School conception"

It becomes the place of the new study which utilizes education information network
"Hyogo e - School" is developed.
(1) Opening of network application symposium
(2) Establishment management of Hyogo e- School consortium
(3) Establishment of portal site of learning
(4) Execution of practice case contest
(5) Development of Hyogo future classroom project

The progress of conference 5 days, using Hyogo prefecture education information network, 2003 iEARN International Conferences, as the match which becomes developmental opportunity of school conception", it relayed lively.

As for Takagi Yoko representation, "as for the" Awaji dream stage ", the meaning," Dream Stage ". Everyone, you will talk together the dream which is bet to education here. "As for the voice, you think that certainly it reached in the world.
With the influence with SARS, from lag of VISA acquisition, also the Taiwan pupil whom it cannot participate in the conference participated at the video conference.

The screen it started copying all the way
2003iEARN meeting theme

Awaji Joruri performed by manipulating marionettes "the god of wealth it whirls",
Image and sound quite similar to the television

Panel discussion /International symposium   

Attaching the simultaneous interpretation headphone, the participants attended.

As for the opening ceremony meeting place we transferring to the participant from the foreign country

With television viewing in another room, it participated in the conference.

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